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With over 45 years experience, our low prices and high quality have made us your best choice for all types of glass and mirrors. We specialize in frame-less shower doors in both 3/8" and 1/2" glass. We manufacture & install custom storefront windows and doors. We repair broken glass of any size or type. No job too big or too small. We cut custom table tops to any pattern or shape. We can practically mirror anything. Use us once and you will never go anywhere else. We stand behind everything we do. All work guaranteed. Free estimates.

We specialize in frame-less shower doors in both 3/8" and 1/2" glass. Let Us Help With Your Next Bath Remodel!
Shower Door

We also specialize in Commercial Store Front Glass and have worked for many well known companies in the area. We provide both Security Glass and Tinted Glass for Stores, Shops, Restaurants, and More.
Commercial Glass

Don't Forget, We Can Also Custom Cut Glass and Mirrors to fit anything you need! Table tops, Displays, China Cabinets, etc. Call us today if you need help getting a piece of glass the right size for your next project.

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Economic, Green, and Smart: Characteristics of Modern Trenton Glass Company Repairs

Many of us might not be aware about glass being a ‘green’ material. All glass can be recycled. Modern glass is lead-free and does no harm to the environment. This becomes particularly important when you consider how much glass there actually is in your home.

Your local Trenton Glass Company can do installation, repairs, and restoration on virtually any glass surface or object in your home. This includes everything from windows and shower doors to knick-knacks and family heirlooms. In today's economy, it's much smarter to perform repairs whenever possible, rather than buying new. You could save hundreds by using a Trenton Glass Company.

There are many different types and varieties of glass available. In windows alone, you have your choice of clear or tinted; safety or non-safety; plate or patterns; single pane or insulated - every aspect of your window's glass can be customized to suit your desires. It also holds true for doors, shower doors and mirror glass from a Trenton Glass Company. You have much more freedom to customize your glass with a Trenton Glass Company than you would with, for example, a window installation company, or a patio door company, all of whom work with pre-fabric

Your Local Trenton Glass Company and their distinctive types of glasses

Insulated glass, also called double-pane, comes in "units" consisting of two or three separated panes of glass sealed together. The air between the panes is either left in or replaced with a harmless gas. Tempered glass saves the electricity used for heating in winters and cooling in summers. It is therefore used more often by the Trenton Glass Company to help you save money. This type of glass makes it easier to cut down on your energy costs by ensuring you lose less heat during the winter and less air conditioning during the summer. It's typically used in windows, where most of a home's energy seeps out through gaps around the window pane itself or the window frame. If the seal develops a fault, the pane needs to be replaced as the condensation would then be visible inside the window.

A Trenton Glass Company commonly uses tempered, laminate, and plate glass for tall windows, windows inside doors, mirrors, and shower doors. Tempered glass is formed by nearly melting the glass and then cooling it to make their molecular structure strong. Tempered glass breaks into small shards with some of them not even falling out of place. It has less chances of breakage as compared to the normal glass. For this reason, it is considered safety glass.

Plate glass, commonly used in patio doors and long mirrors, is simply a large sheet of glass held in place by a frame. Plate glass is fairly easy to break, depending on the thickness, and breaks into large shards which are very sharp. Your local Trenton Glass Company would not recommend the use of plate glass for homes with children or pets who might injure themselves if the glass gets broken.

Laminated glass is a good choice for homes with high risk of breakage. Safety glass is created by sealing two sheets of plate glass with a strong membrane placed between them. If broken, the glass will break like plate glass, but the internal membrane holds the shards in place. It is very difficult to break laminated glass.
Tempered and laminate glasses are considered as safety glasses. These are most popular among the household glasses used by any Trenton Glass Company. According to building code, safety glass must be there in doors, adjacent to doors and in the openings that fall within approximately eighteen inches of the adjacent walking surface.

Whether you have decorative glass heirlooms in need of restoration and repair, or a broken window that needs replacing, your local Trenton Glass Company is the one to call. They can provide you with full-service glass repair, installation, and modification to meet your needs. For all the glass in your home, call a Trenton Glass Company today.

Services Offered:

  • Supply & install framed & frame-less shower doors
  • Commercial storefront windows & doors
  • Glass table tops
  • Railing systems
  • Repair or replace broken glass of all types
  • Custom mirrors


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